Educational YouTube channel recommendations

Big picture science:

  • Practical Engineering – civil engineering mostly. Lots of physical models and experiments. Complex topics explained in a simple and accessible way.
  • Climate Town – climate change / corporate greed and manipulation presented in an accessible and fun way. Well researched.
  • Not Just Bikes – sustainable city planning, smart transportation design patterns and anti-patterns. Lots of real world examples.
  • Wendover Productions – mostly economics-related topics covered in great detail. Well researched and insightful.
  • JayForeman – mostly London’s history based around maps. Wacky, fun and insightful.

Every-day science:


History and historical stuff:

  • Forgotten Weapons – one-man gun encyclopedia sharing his knowledge and experience with modern and historical guns.
  • Tod’s Workshop – medieval weapons and armour, crafted using period-appropriate techniques and tested in the field!
  • Defunctland – interesting stories of failed theme-parks, Disneyland attractions etc.

Retro gaming and hardware:

  • LGR – retro gaming and computer parts. Testing stuff you dreamt of having as a kid.
  • Techmoan – all sorts of retro audio/visual devices and gadgets.
  • Nostalgia Nerd – mostly retro-hardware. Not as in-depth as LGR but still interesting.
  • The 8-Bit Guy – as the name suggests, lots of Atari/Commodore related stuff.


  • Computerphile – a bunch of college teachers explaining complex IT concepts in an easy to grasp manner.
  • AddOhms – electronics tutorials for everyone.


  • GreatScott! – electronics related projects and reviews.
  • Stuff Made Here – funny and clever projects, from design to execution. DIY if you have money for all those machines.


  • Driving 4 answers – all basic and advanced car topics explained in an extremely accessible way. All you need to see to know how everything in your car works.
  • High-Performance Academy – nuts and bolts and bits and transistors of race car design.
  • Ed’s Auto Reviews – automotive history videos. Lots of historical footage.

Memes and internet fun:

Not necessarily educational:

  • Red Letter Media – An institution of a channel. Huge amounts of knowledge and inside jokes. Mature and open-minded approach to cinema.
  • Videogamedunkey – a game reviewer/comedian. Creates game reviews/comedies. Each one a masterpiece in its own right.
  • Crowbcat – in depth looks at important gaming events, like failures of major game studios.

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