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Educational YouTube channel recommendations

Big picture science:

  • Practical Engineering – civil engineering mostly. Lots of physical models and experiments. Complex topics explained in a simple and accessible way.
  • Climate Town – climate change / corporate greed and manipulation presented in an accessible and fun way. Well researched.
  • Not Just Bikes – sustainable city planning, smart transportation design patterns and anti-patterns. Lots of real world examples.
  • Wendover Productions – mostly economics-related topics covered in great detail. Well researched and insightful.
  • JayForeman – mostly London’s history based around maps. Wacky, fun and insightful.

Every-day science:


History and historical stuff:

  • Forgotten Weapons – one-man gun encyclopedia sharing his knowledge and experience with modern and historical guns.
  • Tod’s Workshop – medieval weapons and armour, crafted using period-appropriate techniques and tested in the field!
  • Defunctland – interesting stories of failed theme-parks, Disneyland attractions etc.

Retro gaming and hardware:

  • LGR – retro gaming and computer parts. Testing stuff you dreamt of having as a kid.
  • Techmoan – all sorts of retro audio/visual devices and gadgets.
  • Nostalgia Nerd – mostly retro-hardware. Not as in-depth as LGR but still interesting.
  • The 8-Bit Guy – as the name suggests, lots of Atari/Commodore related stuff.


  • Computerphile – a bunch of college teachers explaining complex IT concepts in an easy to grasp manner.
  • AddOhms – electronics tutorials for everyone.


  • GreatScott! – electronics related projects and reviews.
  • Stuff Made Here – funny and clever projects, from design to execution. DIY if you have money for all those machines.


  • Driving 4 answers – all basic and advanced car topics explained in an extremely accessible way. All you need to see to know how everything in your car works.
  • High-Performance Academy – nuts and bolts and bits and transistors of race car design.
  • Ed’s Auto Reviews – automotive history videos. Lots of historical footage.

Memes and internet fun:

Not necessarily educational:

  • Red Letter Media – An institution of a channel. Huge amounts of knowledge and inside jokes. Mature and open-minded approach to cinema.
  • Videogamedunkey – a game reviewer/comedian. Creates game reviews/comedies. Each one a masterpiece in its own right.
  • Crowbcat – in depth looks at important gaming events, like failures of major game studios.

Atari 20 years later – an illustrated story

It seems that I’ve come to an age where visiting the attic at my parents’ house has become an adventure again. No, it’s not due to the risk of collapsing while climbing the stairs. It’s just that everything I lay my eyes upon is both bringing back great memories and promising the thrill of playing with a new toy, should I decide to take it back to my room. Recently I gave in to such promise coming from a dust covered, white box.

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